Definition of pure play in US English:

pure play

(also pure player)


  • 1usually as modifier A company that focuses exclusively on a particular product or service in order to obtain a large market share.

    • ‘People are just out of control as it relates to the values of these pure play dot-coms.’
    • ‘‘We will be doing some business with pure plays,’ the spokeswoman said.’
    • ‘It's one of the largest pure play credit card issuers, especially known for its affinity marketing.’
    • ‘Relative to single-market or pure play firms, conglomerates are discounted by as much as 20%.’
    • ‘It is doubtful that this can all happen through the pure play of marketplace forces (as our marketplace is so small).’
    • ‘Though the busiest week of the holiday shopping season is still ahead, early results find traditional retailers eclipsing many pure plays in securing site traffic.’
    • ‘Goodbody analyst Ian Hunter said: ‘legal risk aside, Elan can now be evaluated as a pure play biotech company.’’
    • ‘And that means Sprint Nextel will be what Wall Street calls a pure play in wireless.’
    • ‘Wall Street likes pure plays - companies that basically do one thing and do it well.’
    • ‘For starters, only 13 of the top 50 asset managers are pure plays.’
    • ‘We are gearing up to be a pure play beer business and that has to be a positive because it will get us focused on it.’
    • ‘Credence is a pure play in the semiconductor capital equipment market for the communication sector as 60 per cent of total revenues come from the communication business more than any of its competitors.’
    1. 1.1 A company that operates only on the Internet.
      • ‘For, an Internet pure play, that figure was 96%!’
      • ‘We realized we had to be a pure play in the Internet.’
      • ‘Ultimately, even though AOL isn't necessarily a pure play on interactive TV, some analysts think it's the best investment opportunity in the whole arena.’