Definition of Purana in US English:



usually Puranas
  • Any of a class of Sanskrit sacred writings containing Hindu legends and folklore of varying date and origin, the most ancient of which dates from the 4th century AD.

    • ‘The strange thing is that Indian literature started with deep philosophy and science; later on the Brahmanas and Puranas explained things by using mythology.’
    • ‘All others (like Brahmanas, Upnishads, Purana, Dharma Shastras, Sutras, etc.) are just commentaries, explanatory notes written by individuals.’
    • ‘References to Jalandhar are also found in the Ramayana, the Mahabarata, the Puranas, Yogini Tantra, Brihata Samhita, Dashkumaracharita and Rajatrangini of Kalhana.’
    • ‘The philosophies of the Vedas, Puranas, Smriti or the six Darshana literatures emphasize on the socio-spiritual reform and promote a spiritual life.’
    • ‘In the Indian epics such as Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas there are many references to interactions and wars between the forest or hill tribes and the Hindus.’
    • ‘The Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas etc., stand eloquent testimony to this remarkable endeavour of our forefathers.’
    • ‘On that Puranas are called the Vedas of the Common folk, for they present the mysteries through myth and legend.’
    • ‘There are several stories in the Puranas that relate how Siva made Ganesha the captain of his Ganas.’
    • ‘Any text that speaks about the sun in the Puranas has been taken and joined to make this Surya Purana.’
    • ‘All of our Veda mantras, Agamas, Puranas and Smritis would have been forgotten but for the painstaking memorizations by generations of priests.’
    • ‘Our Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Sastras, Agamas, Tantras and Samhitas are all unlimited.’
    • ‘Smarthas follow the Smriti literature, particularly Dharma Shastra, Puranas and the Ithihasas.’
    • ‘Like the other Puranas, the Yuga Purana condemns the patronage of non-Brahmanical sects by the Maurya kings.’
    • ‘The Puranas are encyclopaedias of Vedic mythology and spirituality.’
    • ‘A Muslim understands the Muslim way of life and a Hindu the Vedas and Puranas.’
    • ‘Some follow the smrti-sastra composed of twenty religious scriptures, and others follow the Puranas and the tantra-sastra.’
    • ‘In fact mantra appears within Brahmanas, Arankyas, Puranas, and Upanishads.’
    • ‘In the Chandogya Upanishad, the Puranas and the Mahabharata, generally known as histories, are mentioned as the fifth Veda.’
    • ‘Smarta means a follower of classical smriti, particularly the Dharma Shastras, Puranas and Itihasas.’
    • ‘Mythology and Hindu Puranas have many instances of militant heroes, who were still considered to be leaders.’


From Sanskrit purāṇa ‘ancient (legend)’, from purā ‘formerly’.