Definition of puppyhood in US English:



  • See puppy

    • ‘Brandy, both deaf and arthritic, had been taught since puppyhood to address her bodily function on newspapers spread over a protective layer of plastic in strategic spots in the house.’
    • ‘This makes a change from Millie's recent revival of her hobby from early puppyhood, of bringing in pieces of bark from the garden and walking in and out of rooms while chewing and shedding broken pieces.’
    • ‘It's the life story of a guide-dog named Quill who we follow from puppyhood to retirement getting to see the mark he leaves behind on those he helps along the way.’
    • ‘Early in their puppyhood, Rusty and Taffy established a mid-morning snack that involved not one, but two biscuits.’
    • ‘The name, which is usually associated with males, dates from puppyhood and confusion about the dog's gender.’