Definition of punster in English:



  • See pun

    • ‘For that, and for the delight of his surname which pleases headline writers and punsters everywhere, it is wonderful that Jim Butter - Fingers to his pals - will be with us for at least another season.’
    • ‘Newspapers all over the world seem to employ punsters to write their headlines - you must have noticed. 'The oompah strikes back ’, for example, about an ambitious euphonium player. ‘Ewe'll be in trouble’ about a stolen sheep.’
    • ‘But Norris also will be remembered as the ultimate pin punster and prankster.’
    • ‘He has looked, to revert to the vernacular of the tabloid punsters for a moment, a player of the highest calibre.’
    • ‘Larry, I just hope that all the punsters and pollsters and pundits are wrong, and it's not close.’