Definition of punkish in US English:



  • See punk

    • ‘The four-piece combo, soon growing to five, demanded attention and are infectiously funky, whether busting out the jams with their punkish spirited guitar pop, or speaker busting, live electronic mashups.’
    • ‘Most important and enduring English modern rock band - began as minimalist punkish trio before defining and transcending goth, mutating into psychedelic jam band, before returning to bright alt-rock.’
    • ‘Both are dressed in their usual punkish attire, though Janie is now visibly pregnant, and wears a lime green novelty t-shirt that reads ‘Bun in the Oven’.’
    • ‘Has uniquely combined guitar grandeur of arena rock, punkish independence, Celtic spirituality, even electronica: all held together by Bono's transcendent vision and charisma.’
    • ‘My favourite sound and look for Chanel is punkish angel vamp - like she did when she did that Sam Brown number.’