Definition of punching bag in US English:

punching bag


North American
  • 1A stuffed or inflated bag, typically cylindrical or pear-shaped, suspended so it can be punched for exercise or training, especially by boxers.

    British term punchbag
    • ‘All the equipment needed for weight training, sand-bags, punching bags and a sauna room are available.’
    • ‘The dojo had punching bags, boxing gloves, a fountain that was in the corner of the room, which I presumed was for meditation.’
    • ‘The next day, his wrist throbbing from a previous bout with a punching bag, Els tumbled back into the crowd.’
    • ‘She recognized it as a duplicate of the practice room she had at home, complete with the mats on the floors and several punching bags hanging in the center.’
    • ‘‘Go beat up the punching bags,’ she said to the three teenagers, then stepped to the other side of the room with Viktor.’
    • ‘In June 2000, while in a self-imposed boxing exile, Tyson fought a punching bag named Lou Savarese in Glasgow, Scotland.’
    • ‘Irene looked around and saw punching bags, weights, treadmills and other exercising equipment in the room.’
    • ‘Jenkins went on to be Shield's fifteenth victim and punching bag for all six rounds and he added little (if any) resistance along the way.’
    • ‘Even though he has joked that the Briton knocked himself out with a punching bag while training, Tszyu wouldn't be fighting Hatton if he didn't take him seriously.’
    • ‘I turned back towards the punching bag and began hitting it again, like I had been doing for the last 2 and 1/2 hours.’
    • ‘So, after a moment, the punching bag fell to the floor, it's stuffing strewn all over the floor.’
    • ‘The floor was covered in mats, and assortments of punching bags were all around, and being abused fiercely by groups of boys Wong's age.’
    • ‘She stood alone in a private training room where a punching bag swayed slowly in front of her.’
    • ‘Trinidad treated Mayorga as his personal punching bag and Mayorga proved to be a fighter who failed to learn the basic of defense.’
    • ‘The steel ball allows the punching bag to move freely in any direction and reduces the pressure on the ceiling joist.’
    • ‘Buffy was in the training room taking her frustrations out on the punching bag.’
    • ‘The punching bag swung lightly, fluently even, cutting through the air like a pendulum swaying beneath a clock.’
    • ‘She rushed into the back training room and punched angrily at the still punching bag.’
    • ‘She could hear the whispers of the other boxers, staring at her bewilderedly, confused that a Tae Kwon Do student would be using the punching bag, especially with the stance of a seasoned boxer.’
    • ‘After returning home and showering, he then hits the gym, where he concentrates on endurance and stamina exercises ranging from working over a punching bag to dead lifts with high repetition.’
    • ‘‘Yeah, I guess,’ Natalie said sadly, looking at the punching bag hanging from their training room.’
    • ‘There, in a large room heavy with the smell of sweat, Johnson alternates for several hours between punching bags, a torso mannequin, and the sparring ring.’
    • ‘We even got the principal to have a few rounds at the punching bag.’
    • ‘The punching bags show bruises, tears, scores and other kinds of openings, yet they are tough enough to have survived the violence worked upon them.’
    • ‘I need a punching bag to take out my frustration on.’
    • ‘He's introduced on stage, where amidst the dancers he stands at the end of a row, sparring with a punching bag.’
    • ‘It was a huge gymnasium with all sorts of exercise machines, punching bags, and even sparring rings.’
    1. 1.1 A person on whom another person vents their anger.


punching bag

/ˈpəntʃɪŋ ˌbæɡ//ˈpənCHiNG ˌbaɡ/