Definition of punchball in US English:



  • 1US A team ball game in which a rubber ball is punched or headed.

    • ‘Punchball is a sport similar to baseball but without a pitcher, catcher, or bat.’
    • ‘Punchball should be declared an Olympic event.’
    • ‘I come from the part of Brooklyn, N.Y., where girls played punchball or handball, unless they were fortunate enough to have someone pay for their tennis lessons.’
  • 2British

    another term for punching bag
    • ‘Despite the lack of a swimming pool on board the ship to Canada, King kept fit by using a boxer's punchball - the method Allan Wells pioneered for track sprinters over 40 years later.’
    • ‘He is a past master of the photo-opportunity who, as a Scottish Office minister, wowed inmates at Saughton Prison with his boxing skills by laying into a punchball.’