Definition of punch something up in US English:

punch something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Use a computer keyboard to call something to the screen.

    ‘people will be able to punch up Andy Warhol and get text, photographs, and video on the entire Pop Art period’
    • ‘Rather, he says, users will ‘just be able to punch them up’ on the site.’
    • ‘Every year, however, it never fails: Someone gives us their registration card (complete with Ethernet address) and we punch it up to verify the brand of card.’
  • 2informal Enliven.

    ‘he needed to punch up his meandering presentation’
    • ‘They even use cartoon clips now and then to punch things up a bit.’
    • ‘Unless he punches it up, he will be treated more harshly by CBS than he was by the Senate.’
    • ‘Ok, this not a new idea, but try punching it up a bit.’
    • ‘‘Back To California’ punches things up with some cool bass and a catchy hook, while one of the album's more mellow moments, ‘God Says Nothing Back,’ has a hypnotic quality thanks to Jakob Dylan's low, smoky vocals.’
    • ‘They even edit the presentations and punch them up with good intros and music to make them even more entertaining.’
    • ‘He relies on the performers to punch things up, especially in the first half of the film.’
    • ‘Once again working with Visconti, Bowie seems determined to punch things up a little more with this effort.’
    • ‘If she can hold it together and punch things up an notch, she has an outside shot at advancing beyond the semifinals.’
    • ‘Those moments could have been so great if they would have worked more on the cutscene, punching it up with the dialogue and music.’