Definition of pump someone's hand in US English:

pump someone's hand


  • Shake a person's hand vigorously.

    • ‘‘You keep that camera out and we're gonna have some fun boy!’ he greeted us like old friends, pumping my hand with startling vigour for an octogenarian invalid.’
    • ‘He pumped my hand vigorously, his devilish eyes radiating excitement.’
    • ‘The boy answered as he pumped his hand energetically.’
    • ‘The Marine kept pumping his hand, saying, ‘You're lucky to have that one - she can take care of herself!’’
    • ‘He pumped my hand vigorously and could barely stammer out his name.’
    • ‘‘Ellie Johansen,’ I managed to say, as he pumped my hand professionally.’
    • ‘Trying desperately to make her way toward Gil, she found herself surrounded by well-wishers who touched her, congratulated her, thanked her, and pumped her hand until she thought her arm would fall off.’
    • ‘He was a little weightlifter looking guy who pumped my hand like he was milking it.’
    • ‘An enthusiastic supporter pumped his hand and spewed out some of his own conclusions.’
    • ‘The man beams, then reaches out and pumps my hand enthusiastically.’