Definition of pump room in US English:

pump room


  • 1A room, building, or compartment in which pumps are housed or from which they are controlled.

    • ‘But just before the builder was to begin work on that unit, they contacted me and said there was a pump room on the roof right over it.’
    • ‘Not long ago, Hydrovac was called upon to install an underground pump room for stormwater drains at a condominium building in Deerfield Beach, Florida.’
    • ‘Stumbling to the pump room I was stopped by a large notice on the door which read ‘DO NOT ENTER.’’
    • ‘We also put a deck around the shaft and use the deck to hide the pump room.’
    • ‘One of the two huge Stother and Pitt cranes has been sold, while no-one yet knows what will happen to the 40-tonne lock gates or the still-operational pump room.’
    • ‘She said water went into the pump rooms causing electrical problems which resulted in the pumps not being activated.’
    • ‘The swimming pool measures 6.9 metres by 11.75 metres and this part of the house also includes a steam room, patio doors to the deck area and a pump room.’
    • ‘It includes a large kitchen, with its range and original fittings intact, bakery, pump room, cold store, wine cellars, silver vault, workshop, housekeeper's and other bedrooms.’
    • ‘The pool is nice but has an underground pump room that has been exceptional snake habitat for many years.’
    • ‘It may also be necessary to build two separate fire pump rooms and redundant sprinkler systems.’
    • ‘On the main deck, the hull is arranged with forepeak, hydraulic pump room, accommodation section and fish handling area.’
    • ‘The pump room couldn't raise enough pressure, and we burned fuel as fast as we took it on.’
    1. 1.1 A room at a spa where medicinal water is dispensed.
      • ‘This month, the pump room at Strathpeffer will reopen to the public.’
      • ‘Last month council officials halted the water supply to the pump room after discovering that leaks in the old borehole meant that visitors were mainly drinking rainwater.’
    2. 1.2 A common name for a drinking establishment.


pump room

/ˈpəmp ˌrum/