Definition of pump-priming in US English:



  • 1The introduction of fluid into a pump to prepare it for working.

    • ‘Using fresh whole blood versus reconstituted blood for pump priming in heart surgery in infants.’
    • ‘When air pressure is negative, air must be evacuated to accomplish pump priming.’
  • 2The stimulation of economic activity by investment.

    as modifier ‘a pump-priming fund’
    • ‘These gloomy economic indicators press the government to consider employing pump-priming measures even at the risk of further worsening the current account deficit.’
    • ‘Because high income recipients own more than 90 percent of shares on Australian exchanges, they will reap the lion's share of the expected pump-priming.’
    • ‘They may also force Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to consider more pump-priming measures.’
    • ‘Growth in the second quarter this year was fuelled by an unparalleled pump-priming exercise by the US government.’
    • ‘Even so, more such judicial pump-priming just now will only fuel a backlash not just in Connecticut but further kindle the fire consuming gay-marriage advocates across the country.’
    • ‘The government has been working to compile a pump-priming extra budget for fiscal 2000 so that it will clear the Diet during its current 72-day extra session, which ends Dec.1.’
    • ‘Prohibition of alcohol sales in the United States was unsustainable and provided pump-priming funds for the Mafia.’
    • ‘Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi took office last year, pledging to carry out far-reaching economic restructuring, but has since backed off and resorted to the pump-priming measures of his predecessors.’
    • ‘I've never been entirely convinced by ‘economic rationalism’ myself so, personally, I don't mind the PM's pump-priming.’
    • ‘Now, it appears, Beijing's pump-priming is losing its punch.’
    • ‘In the past few years, clearly, the massive monetary and fiscal pump-priming policies have more than offset all these growth-impairing influences.’
    • ‘But as soon as they came into office, they inaugurated their notorious schemes of pump-priming, deficit spending and so on.’
    • ‘Far from lecturing Korea to contain inflation, Gruenwald thinks Seoul should stick with its pump-priming policies of the last year.’
    • ‘China is a silent but active partner in the Fed's pump-priming.’
    • ‘Thailand's Deputy Finance Minister Pisit Leeahtam also pointed to the limits of government pump-priming, claiming sustainable growth has to be private-sector led.’
    • ‘There's concern that he is alienating foreign investors and that his pump-priming will set the economy up for a fall once the stimulus stops.’
    • ‘Defying public opinion, it has taken pump-priming measures to cope with the business slowdown and encouraged domestic spending since last year.’
    • ‘Duisenberg entered public life as Dutch finance minister in 1973, when the oil shock and inflation hailed the demise of Keynesian pump-priming economics and led to the rise of monetarism.’
    • ‘He used a combination of government pump-priming and populist handouts to return Thailand to growth.’
    • ‘Now, faced with huge budget deficits, pump-priming isn't an option for Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.’



/ˈpəmp ˌpraɪmɪŋ/