Definition of pulverize in US English:


(British pulverise)


[with object]
  • 1Reduce to fine particles.

    ‘the brick of the villages was pulverized by the bombardment’
    • ‘The sponge is pulverized in an attrition mill employing titanium plates to minimize contamination which would result from conventional cast-iron plates.’
    • ‘Cellulose loose-fill insulation is made from wastepaper, such as used newsprint and boxes, that is shredded and pulverized into small, fibrous particles.’
    • ‘In some Western countries, the remains are mechanically pulverized to produce 6 pounds or so of ‘ashes’.’
    • ‘Gondolas loaded with small rocks and rubble discharged the load in two huge Austin crushers that operated much like a grist mill pulverizing the stone.’
    • ‘Blended that thoroughly, so that all the seeds and skin were pulverized into the sauce.’
    • ‘His right hand pulverized the pills into a powder while his left hand returned to the slit in the mattress.’
    • ‘Continue to pulverize remaining half to a fine powder.’
    • ‘Sediments were pulverized, sieved through a 2mm mesh brass sieve and stored in brown paper bags in preparation for extraction.’
    • ‘But in the case of planetary disks, colliding rocks at the edges of the solar systems are pulverized into pebbles, causing particles to be flung in all directions.’
    • ‘Frozen snake liver was pulverized into a fine powder in liquid nitrogen.’
    • ‘It's the way we've taken grains and pulverized the starch so that it turns rapidly into blood sugar.’
    • ‘The basis of most research in mainstream nanotech is the fact that some materials have peculiar or useful properties when pulverized into nanoscale particles or otherwise rearranged.’
    • ‘Percussion drills make their way deep into the ground, bit by bit, pounding the soil and pulverising it into a muddy paste, which is then brought to the surface in flanged containers.’
    • ‘Where we take grains and we strip them of their fiber, we pulverize them into a very fine starch and then we make them into things…’
    • ‘In a spice grinder, pulverize red pepper flakes and juniper to a powder.’
    • ‘With a pleasantly vengeful fury, as if performing a valuable task, we pursued every last component with our mallets until we had pulverized it into unrecognizability.’
    • ‘Rocks are pulverized and processed, usually in the form of white powder, into rare-earth elements.’
    • ‘In a spice grinder, combine star anise, nutmeg, cloves and cumin; pulverize to a fine powder.’
    • ‘Grind until mixture is completely pulverized and mixed well.’
    • ‘The force was almost wiped out when an errant 2,000-pound bomb pulverized a section of the massive fortress wail.’
    grind, crush, pound, crumble, powder, turn to dust
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    1. 1.1British informal Defeat utterly.
      ‘he had a winning car and pulverized the opposition’
      • ‘The event organiser said: ‘He absolutely pulverised the opposition.’’
      • ‘He embarrassed the pundits, and pulverized the best bowlers that the region offered.’
      • ‘Northern United was unable to increase the score as they pulverized the Pioneers defense, but too often kicked wide.’
      • ‘So, he's besieged, isolated in his compound, his forces are being pulverized.’
      • ‘Mabouya bounced back from that counter-attack and in the latter stages pulverized their opponents' defense.’
      • ‘But any doubts as to just how brilliantly Rock of Gibraltar had developed were dispelled in the Irish 2,000 Guineas when he pulverised the opposition at the Curragh.’
      • ‘Surely yes, because sooner or later (preferably sooner) he's going to explode onto the scene, and when he does the opposition will be pulverised.’
      • ‘South American powerhouse Argentina pulverized flat-footed defenders to defeat Japan tonight for their sixth straight win over the Asian Cup holders.’
      • ‘This, we might have presumed, was much more to his liking: pulverising moderate opposition in the Premiership rather than trying to cope with the quality of Barcelona.’
      • ‘They continued to pulverize their opponents' defense line in the second half and on several occasions came within scoring range.’
      defeat utterly, annihilate, beat hollow, trounce, rout, crush, smash, break, overwhelm, vanquish
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Late Middle English: from late Latin pulverizare, from pulvis, pulver- ‘dust’.