Definition of pulse oximeter in US English:

pulse oximeter


  • An oximeter that measures the proportion of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood in pulsating vessels, especially the capillaries of the finger or ear.

    • ‘It was initially marketed in 1982 and became the standard conventional pulse oximeter.’
    • ‘The equipment library holds a stock of equipment such as infusion devices, pulse oximeters, patient monitors and pressure relieving mattresses.’
    • ‘To assure good-quality recording, the pulse oximeters were powered by an alternating-current electricity source.’
    • ‘Extended monitoring with a pulse oximeter is mandatory for these patients.’
    • ‘A pulse oximeter may be placed on the patient to monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood.’
    • ‘There is only one report of a skin burn, which was caused by a pulse oximeter that probably activated the photosensitiser.’
    • ‘All patients are equipped with a pulse oximeter for monitoring of percutaneous oxygen saturation.’
    • ‘This can be demonstrated with an altimeter inside the bag, and marked improvements in oxygen saturation are measurable with a pulse oximeter.’
    • ‘Manufacturers of pulse oximeters have sought to reduce motion artifact in the pulse signal through improvements in the algorithms.’
    • ‘These variables should be included and analyzed in all future studies on pulse oximeters.’
    • ‘Therefore if these are pathologically elevated, the pulse oximeter will give a falsely elevated reading.’
    • ‘These signals were then fed digitally into each of the pulse oximeters being studied.’
    • ‘If a pulse oximeter or oxygen sat monitor is available this will reveal a significantly lower oxygen saturation at a given altitude.’
    • ‘The nurse applies electrocardiogram leads, a blood pressure cuff, and a pulse oximeter.’
    • ‘A blood pressure cuff tracks your blood pressure and another device, a pulse oximeter, measures the amount of oxygen in your blood.’
    • ‘We also used a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen saturation of the blood.’
    • ‘The pulse oximeter, which measures blood oxygen saturation, merely requires that a sensor be attached to the fingertip of the patient being monitored.’
    • ‘Lack of standardization of the pulse oximeters resulted in use of several probes in a short period.’
    • ‘One easy way to check is to use a pulse oximeter to monitor oxygen saturations intermittently during treatment.’
    • ‘The company has completed three projects for the medical sector, including a cardiac output monitor, an insulin pump, and a pulse oximeter.’