Definition of pulse-label in US English:



[with object]Biochemistry
  • Subject (cells in a culture) to a pulse of an isotopic label.

    ‘nuclei from T cells were pulse-labeled’
    • ‘Temperature shift and measurement of protein synthesis by pulse-labeling.’
    • ‘To address the possibility that a pulse-labeling period shorter than 30 min might be necessary to observe equivalent rates of protein synthesis in the two strains, pulse labeling for 5 min was performed.’
    • ‘Mitochondrial protein synthesis was determined by pulse-labeling cell cultures in the presence of emetine as described by Chomyn.’
    • ‘During the 20-min pulse-labeling period in I + medium, the wild-type strain incorporated >30% of lipid-associated P into PI.’
    • ‘Each culture was pulse-labeled for 1 min with 250 Ci [methyl-H] methionine.’