Definition of pulque in US English:



  • A Mexican alcoholic drink made by fermenting sap from the maguey.

    • ‘However, fermentation sets in quickly; within a few hours, if left to itself, the sugar of the sap will be converted into carbonic acid and alcohol, and on the way to becoming vinegar or the alcoholic drink pulque.’
    • ‘The native Mexicans did, however, consume a mildly alcoholic beverage called pulque.’
    • ‘When he returned with bottles of pulque - the fermented sap of the maguey cactus - the reporter had thrown his head violently backward.’
    • ‘Actually, it really started at least 900 years ago when the Aztecs started to produce a beverage called pulque from the plant, which can grow to about 8ft tall and has a lifespan of up to 15 years.’
    • ‘For example, many cultures pride themselves on their foul-tasting local drinks, such as white lightning, pulque, chong, retsina, and so on.’


Via American Spanish from Nahuatl puliúhki ‘decomposed’.