Definition of pulper in US English:



  • See pulp

    • ‘The cherry berries are ‘floated’ first of all; light, substandard beans are raked off and the good beans are then sluiced gradually down to the pulpers.’
    • ‘The old on-the-farm Japanese production techniques began to be revitalized, and homesteaders hooked up lawn mower engines to old hand pulpers to mill their coffee cherry.’
    • ‘From there, it's a straight path to the pulpers.’
    • ‘The Powley Vale Farm was a throwback to by-gone days, free range hens and pulper, open fire and hob, live sowing of spuds and corn sowing with a fiddle out of tune.’
    • ‘After a day's worth of picking, which could yield between 100 and 200 pounds per picker, the coffee cherry goes the same night to the coffee pulper.’