Definition of pull up in US English:

pull up

phrasal verb

  • 1(of a vehicle) come to a halt.

    ‘he pulled up outside the cabin’
    • ‘Then I heard cars, and I turned to see a caravan of vehicles pulling up behind mine.’
    • ‘If I remember correctly, it was the sound of the ice-cream van pulling up outside my house.’
    • ‘Sasha would pull up in whatever vehicle they were able to steal and they would load up as much as they could carry.’
    • ‘When a police vehicle pulls up youngsters hide in the bushes.’
    • ‘She was gobsmacked when the limo pulled up outside her home in Tattershall, Toothill.’
    stop, draw up, come to a halt, come to a stop, halt, come to a standstill, brake, park
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  • 2Increase the altitude of an aircraft.

    • ‘Pull up in a high sharp wing-over and then dive on your enemy.’
    • ‘I used to fly over a city or town, buzz it and pull up doing a climbing slow roll.’
    • ‘The pilot scores a hit as he pulls up and heads around for another pass.’
    • ‘The airplane nicely recovered by smoothly pulling up to level flight.’
    • ‘So low in fact, that the pilots had to pull up slightly to get the plane on the runway!’