Definition of pull-down in English:



  • attributive (of a menu) appearing below a menu title only while selected.

    Compare with drop-down
    • ‘In this case, select your CD Recordable drive from the pull-down menu.’
    • ‘This site will also let you select a specific movie title from a pull-down menu, enter your zip code and see reviews, clips or determine where the movie is showing in your area.’
    • ‘To begin, I edited the existing pull-down menus in both software packages and added descriptions to the more common commands.’
    • ‘The software's pull-down menus and interface are also more flexible and easier to use.’
    • ‘We'll make it as easy as possible by providing you with an online, automatic metadata generator that has pull-down menus to select headings from a subject tree and support from ISL staff.’


  • A pull-down menu.

    • ‘Only the pull-down is empty, and it will not let you bypass the window to the next stage of the process, or manually type in your location.’
    • ‘After I hit the delete button, I'm presented with yet another courtesy reply pull-down.’
    • ‘Control sets are grouped onto floating windows, and are accessed by collapsible pull-downs.’
    • ‘Access the editor from the Start menu or from the CAD Manager pull-down inside Architectural Desktop.’



/ˈpʊl ˌdaʊn//ˈpo͝ol ˌdoun/