Definition of puggish in US English:



  • See pug

    • ‘While the assorted Ministers scurried past the protestors - although the puggish treasurer offered a cheery wave at the crowd - the Premier snuck in a side entrance to maintain his decorum.’
    • ‘Even for an infantryman, the old soldier conjured a particularly ugly visage: a balding gnome-like pate, puggish nose, rheumy eyes - some said from too much drink - a perpetual frown, chinless face, the furrowed brow.’
    • ‘It was a great TV show which was eventually marred by the introduction of Scrappy Doo, a puggish runt of a character that I'm convinced was created to torment and annoy everyone within earshot or, more specifically, me.’
    • ‘Well, our puggish pal is flying in to lend a hand to his colourful environmental activist friends for a wacky protest against a big secretive conference.’