Definition of Puerto Rican in US English:

Puerto Rican


  • Relating to or characteristic of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

    ‘his paintings are tied deeply to his Puerto Rican heritage’
    • ‘I'm part Puerto Rican - my middle name is Martinez.’
    • ‘The majority of attendees were Puerto Rican and called for a Puerto Rican organization.’
    • ‘787 Crew: This Puerto Rican outfit combine acrobatics with hip-hop-style dance.’
    • ‘My mother doesn't play any instruments, but she always is listening to Puerto Rican music.’
    • ‘Puerto Rican farmers have established about 2,000 acres of mango orchards in response to increased demand for these fruits.’
    • ‘The Puerto Rican/French actress got accepted to Columbia University when she was only 16!’


  • A native or inhabitant of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, or a person of Puerto Rican descent.

    ‘the young Puerto Rican sees his boss as uncaring’
    • ‘"I use my language differently from other Puerto Ricans and my perspective has to be colored by those differences."’
    • ‘Many Puerto Ricans use solar power for hot water heating, for example, but not for electricity.’
    • ‘The director is an Irishman married to a Puerto Rican, with an obvious interest in his wife's culture.’
    • ‘Around 1900, many Puerto Ricans immigrated to Hawaii to work on the plantations.’
    • ‘Puerto Ricans are all US citizens by birth no matter if they are born here or in P.R.’