Definition of public spending in US English:

public spending


  • Money spent by the state; government expenditure.

    ‘the government wants to slash public spending’
    • ‘If 1% of the Scottish executive's public spending budget were devoted to the arts, it would usher in an era of cultural and economic self-confidence for the nation.’
    • ‘The debt crisis suffered during the 1980s caused a drop in public spending in education and other quality-enhancing investments.’
    • ‘In Finland public spending was reduced by 8% of GDP.’
    • ‘These extrapolations are then modified by including assumptions on changes in policies regarding public spending.’
    • ‘Public spending dipped 1.8% during the month, with declines in three of the past four months.’
    • ‘This deceleration in growth was associated with low rates of investment, as private investment failed to pick up and counterbalance the decline in public spending.’
    • ‘Even with a vast budget surplus at their disposal, neither party plans to increase public spending for social needs.’
    • ‘Nero and his advisers had unashamedly adopted a financial strategy of boom and bust, but Galba seems from the start to have taken a firm grip on public spending—notoriously refusing to pay out expected benefits to the Army.’
    • ‘At the most recent conference in Spain, European finance ministers softened proposals that would have put pressure on Britain to make £10 billion of public spending cuts or tax increases.’
    • ‘Private spending on pure research is supposed to surpass public spending in the next year.’


public spending

/ˌpəblɪk ˈspɛndɪŋ//ˌpəblik ˈspendiNG/