Definition of public prosecutor in US English:

public prosecutor


  • A law officer who conducts criminal proceedings on behalf of the government or in the public interest.

    • ‘A mock public prosecutor was appointed, and the proceedings were broadcast on the radio.’
    • ‘In Scotland the procurator fiscal, who is the public prosecutor, identifies potential psychiatric cases.’
    • ‘Only the magistrate, public prosecutors, the suspects and the grandmother of the minor were allowed in court.’
    • ‘The public prosecutor stated they were wrongfully arrested and he could not take the case to court.’
    • ‘The public prosecutors with jurisdiction over the matter didn't treat the incidents so lightly.’


public prosecutor

/ˈpəblik ˈpräsəˌkyo͞odər//ˈpəblɪk ˈprɑsəˌkjudər/