Definition of public nuisance in US English:

public nuisance


  • 1An act, condition, or thing that is illegal because it interferes with the rights of the public generally.

    • ‘The other exception related to the old common law offence of public nuisance.’
    • ‘The classic statement of the difference [between private and public nuisance] is that a public nuisance affects Her Majesty's subjects generally, whereas a private nuisance only affects particular individuals.’
    • ‘Thus the duty overlaps with occupiers liability, public nuisance and private nuisance.’
    • ‘The lynchpin was the element of common law that dealt with public nuisances.’
    • ‘Mr Train was found guilty of causing a public nuisance and the conviction was upheld on appeal.’
    1. 1.1informal An obnoxious or dangerous person or group of people.
      • ‘Now, cell phones are not a status symbol but a public nuisance.’
      • ‘Apart from causing public nuisance and inconvenience to the commuters this also leads to road accidents.’
      • ‘Get a job and find something to do other than being a public nuisance.’
      • ‘Certainly car locking horn blasts and car horn alarms should be banned as obnoxious public nuisances.’
      • ‘There are umpteen problems, which could and should be settled without much public nuisance.’


public nuisance

/ˈpəblik ˈn(y)o͞osns//ˈpəblɪk ˈn(j)usns/