Definition of psychosomatically in US English:



  • See psychosomatic

    • ‘Aggression was expressed psychosomatically as picking at acne lesions on the skin rather than through direct verbalization.’
    • ‘Upon her capture by police, the woman was sent to a nearby mental ward, where a disorderly orderly psychosomatically parroted her symptoms, much to the hilarious chagrin of the hospital boss.’
    • ‘Some would proclaim that addictions are psychosomatically - induced and maintained in a semi-balanced force field of driving and restraining multidimensional forces.’
    • ‘He'd always try and psychosomatically suggest that I had hayfever symptoms, as if to bring them on… ‘Meg, your eyes are looking awfully red… would you like a tissue?’’
    • ‘When the boys' parents forbid their erotic rebellion, Manga becomes psychosomatically ill, and is ushered far across a spirit lake, its shores teeming with tree dwarves and useless, fungoid superstition.’