Definition of psychoneurosis in US English:



  • another term for neurosis
    • ‘Today we would call this an anxiety-caused psychoneurosis.’
    • ‘The idea that it was just depression or hysteria, a psychoneurosis or ‘all in the mind,’ he found not only ludicrous and cruel, but also dangerous, and his records contain several examples of suicide.’
    • ‘Hysteria can currently be defined as a form of psychoneurosis characterized by disturbances of the sensory and motor functions, with a high degree of susceptibility to autosuggestion or hypnosis.’
    • ‘His clinical diagnosis was ‘chronic and acute anxiety psychoneurosis with generalized phobic extensions.’’
    • ‘This was Freud's definition of psychoneurosis: We limit how we live so that we can limit the amount of anxiety that we experience.’