Definition of psychohistory in English:



  • 1The interpretation of historical events with the aid of psychological theory.

    • ‘Like many disciplines, history stays alive through novelty spins, Romantic History, psychohistory, the school of the annales and oral history.’
    • ‘The lead in historical work on globalization is taken by specialists in international relations spiced by imaginative mavericks from fields like the history of science and even psychohistory.’
    • ‘I eagerly await Seidman's analysis of Asimov's psychohistory in terms of ‘pseudoscience ‘and ‘anti-science.’’
    • ‘In this far-distant future, Seldon's name is lost in the mists of history, and psychohistory is a occult practice, whose ‘Psycholars’ maintain their Galactic rule by keeping the tenets of their science secret.’
    • ‘As I understand it, the history of emotions hopes to stand psychohistory on its head.’
    1. 1.1A work that interprets historical events with the aid of psychological theory.
      ‘modern writers often substitute psychohistory for biography’
    2. 1.2A psychological history of an individual.
      • ‘He wrote several "psychohistories" explaining how people like Martin Luther and Mahatma Gandhi were able to think and act the way they did.’
      • ‘Nixon and Kennedy, both Presidents with dominant fathers had significant leadership flaws as their psychohistories explain.’