Definition of psychohistorical in US English:



  • See psychohistory

    • ‘In my estimation, Turner's psychohistorical reading has eclipsed the philosophical subtlety of Newman's project.’
    • ‘My entree to the theme is Erik Erikson's 1969 psychobiographical and psychohistorical work, Gandhi's Truth: On the Origins of Militant Nonviolence.’
    • ‘Fortunately there is, besides psychohistorical knowledge and mathematical physics, yet another knowledge - scientia intuitiva - which combines the other two in a single active act of understanding.’
    • ‘Periodically, this Foundation would face a Seldon Event, a psychohistorical crisis, in which a threat to its existence which would constrain the nascent second empire to follow a single, pre-determined, path.’
    • ‘There was even psychohistorical analysis of a certain meeting in 1938, explaining how Hitler's superior mind reading skills led to devastating international conflict.’