Definition of psychiatrist in English:



  • A medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

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    • ‘Everywhere the supporters of mental health laws are psychiatrists and the relatives of so called mental patients.’
    • ‘As well as psychiatrists, psychologists play a role in assessing prisoner dangerousness.’
    • ‘Your doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist or a community psychiatric nurse.’
    • ‘He was taken to the psychiatrist and is now undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder.’
    • ‘He is also having weekly therapy sessions with a clinical psychiatrist to keep him sane.’
    • ‘Last night, health minister Malcolm Chisholm called on psychiatrists to review diagnoses if they have any doubts.’
    • ‘She had not responded to therapy with several different psychiatrists in the past.’
    • ‘Is SAD an example of psychiatrists manufacturing a diagnosis out of normal human misery?’
    • ‘The New York Times interviewed psychiatrists and depression specialists about the trauma facing fans.’
    • ‘People are unwilling to go to a psychiatrist or psychologist for the fear of being labelled mad.’
    • ‘Both psychiatrists concluded that D suffered from paranoid psychosis.’
    • ‘Should psychiatrists tell patients with early Alzheimer's disease their diagnosis?’
    • ‘There are no psychiatrists or doctors here to measure the lasting damage done to him by the horrors he has seen.’
    • ‘He is in need of counselling and psychological treatment, best under the care of a psychiatrist.’
    • ‘Two psychiatrists then gave evidence that Ashman's mental illness directly caused him to commit the offences.’
    • ‘Outside of athletics, psychiatrists have yet to discover an effective treatment for self-harm.’
    • ‘Physicians and psychiatrists say many parents are worried about daughters who just do not want to eat.’
    • ‘Within the core Medicare system, most serious mental disorders are treated by psychiatrists.’
    • ‘Being a neural psychiatrist and counselor, she tries to give a hand to those in need of help.’
    • ‘Belmarsh also had a team of mental health specialists including three psychiatrists and three psychiatric nurses.’
    psychoanalyst, psychologist, psychopathologist, psychotherapist, therapist, counsellor
    mind doctor, head doctor
    shrink, headshrinker, trick cyclist
    men in white coats
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