Definition of psych someone out in US English:

psych someone out

phrasal verb

  • Intimidate an opponent or rival by appearing confident or aggressive.

    ‘guys who try to lift heavy weights in a mistaken attempt to psych out the other guys’
    • ‘We don't have big forwards who can hold on to the ball and psyche Melrose out, so we'll have to move the ball about as much as possible and hope that our forwards can run them ragged.’
    • ‘I got a good move to West Ham and broke my leg twice, I got to the World Cup semi-final and missed a penalty, and now I have been psyched out by Dave Beasant!’
    • ‘‘I planned to psych Michael out with a bit of eyeballing at the end,’ he said.’
    • ‘Hopefully the quality of my golf will psyche him out.’
    • ‘He says, ‘Don't let the appearance of your opponents psyche you out.’
    • ‘The plan was to psyche them out and annoy them and apparently this worked a treat.’
    • ‘They try their hardest to psyche you out, but that's the thing - when people try to psyche me out, I know they are weak.’
    • ‘He added, ‘Those players weren't bad but I think they were psyched out.’’
    • ‘If Roy Jones shows any hesitance, reluctance or excuses not to challenge Antonio Tarver, well then, even the world's greatest fool would know that Roy Jones has been psyched out and psychologically conquered by Antonio Tarver.’
    • ‘If they do not, there is a very real danger that, just as in 1991, they will be psyched out of a World Cup win, having paid too much attention to voices beyond the camp.’
    unsettle, upset, agitate, disturb, make nervous, put off, put off balance, put someone off their stroke, intimidate
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