Definition of pseudouridine in US English:



  • A nucleoside present in transfer RNA and differing from uridine in having the sugar residue attached at a carbon atom instead of nitrogen.

    • ‘Excretion of pseudouridine (5-ribosyluracil, PSU), a modified nucleoside indicator of RNA and hence of cellular protein breakdown, is increased in disease states associated with chronic systemic inflammation.’
    • ‘We assessed the clearance of endogenous pseudouridine in humans to evaluate the potential use of this modified nucleoside as a marker of glomerular filtration rate.’
    • ‘A marker of protein breakdown, urinary pseudouridine, was higher in the patients than in the healthy subjects: 25.1 versus 14.0 mmol per mmol creatinine.’
    • ‘PSEUDOURIDINE has occurred in all hitherto analysed biological systems as a component of soluble ribonucleic acid.’