Definition of pseudopod in US English:



  • another term for pseudopodium
    • ‘In our studies, fibroblast contractile machinery was observed to function entirely within pseudopods, while GFP-alpha-actinin concentrated in pseudopod tips and cortex.’
    • ‘Within minutes, membranous organelles fuse with the spermatid plasma membrane, a polar pseudopod extends, and the major sperm protein polymerizes and organizes into a pseudopodial cytoskeleton.’
    • ‘The formation of pseudopods and lamellae after ligation of chemoattractant sensitive G-protein coupled receptors is essential for chemotaxis.’
    • ‘Actin and other contractile proteins within the pseudopods of platelets produce platelet retraction that prevents further blood loss and facilitates healing.’
    • ‘The protoplasm is extruded as pseudopods via the aperture and through any perforations that may be present in the test.’