Definition of pseudonymously in US English:



  • See pseudonymous

    • ‘Curiously it was only today that off-blog I was talking about women choosing to blog anonymously or pseudonymously, through reasons of fear.’
    • ‘He found a nice little bit by Bruce Metzger saying that Jude probably wrote Jude, since it's unlikely that anyone writing pseudonymously would choose the name Judas.’
    • ‘‘You do see some of the barriers of rank and hierarchy break down,’ says the woman who blogs pseudonymously as the Invisible Adjunct.’
    • ‘So women academic bloggers want to explore these issues - they realise it is an essential part of scholarship and life in the academe - but often they can only safely do so pseudonymously.’
    • ‘Indeed, I am quite surprised that my pseudonym has lasted this long and that I have not been unmasked by a reader less respectful of my decision to blog pseudonymously than Howard has been.’