Definition of pseudocyst in US English:



  • A fluid-filled cavity resembling a cyst but lacking a wall or lining.

    • ‘Myxoid cysts occur as translucent, solitary, rubbery pseudocysts over the dorsal interphalangeal joint and the base of the nail or toe.’
    • ‘However, the wall of the pseudocyst, by definition, should be composed of connective tissue devoid of epithelial lining.’
    • ‘Thin walled pseudocysts bulging into the stomach or duodenum can be drained endoscopically, with surgical drainage reserved for thick walled cysts and those not bulging into the bowel on endoscopy.’
    • ‘The largest tumors frequently underwent cystic degeneration, at times mimicking a pancreatic pseudocyst at sonography or CT examination.’
    • ‘A large pseudocyst that ruptures, becomes infected, or hemorrhages requires drainage of the cyst cavity.’