Definition of pseudocopulation in US English:



  • Attempted copulation by a male insect with a flower (especially an orchid) that resembles the female, carrying pollen to it in the process.

    • ‘Nematomorphs are dioecious, they reproduce with true copulation or pseudocopulation (Gordiida).’
    • ‘The phenomenon of flowers pollinated by pseudocopulation has been very well documented for Afro-European and Australian terrestrial orchids.’
    • ‘Here we describe a new case of pollination by genitalic pseudocopulation in orchids, this time in the genus Lepanthes.’
    • ‘All previous reports of orchid pollination through pseudocopulation involve solitary wasps or bees.’
    • ‘Mating is achieved by pseudocopulation, a process of external fertilization in which partners maintain a close physical association before their synchronous release of gametes.’