Definition of pseudoclassical in US English:



  • Having a false or spurious classical style.

    ‘a pretentious pseudoclassical building’
    • ‘The music of this trio of young, fresh hip-hoppers alternates between hard-hitting, gritty Southern-flavoured rap and delicate, pseudo-classical beats - often in a single breath.’
    • ‘Later his work was adopted as one of the models for the pseudo-classical sculpture typical of National Socialist art.’
    • ‘Behind this variety was a unity of purpose which strengthened Shakespeare in resisting the pressure from his contemporaries to conform to pseudo-classical ideals.’
    • ‘How else do you explain starting the most important album of your career with a 6 minute pseudo-classical drone of a medieval Catholic liturgy, sung in Latin, played with Hungarian instruments?’
    • ‘The album opens with a melodramatic pseudo-classical orchestral flourish, suggesting that what you are about to hear has great profundity and import.’