Definition of pseudo-event in US English:



  • An event arranged or brought about merely for the sake of the publicity it generates, especially one designed to appear spontaneous or unplanned.

    ‘pseudo-events look important because the media and the public agree to act as if they are’
    • ‘Ordinary citizens are now being forced to market themselves like pseudo-events, using techniques that used to be reserved for politicians, corporations, and celebrities.’
    • ‘The surrounding campaign certainly enhanced the magazine's considerable prestige. Bellamy, as project manager, orchestrated a variety of pseudo-events, including a Presidential Proclamation and interviews with congressmen.’
    • ‘If the convention is a pseudo-event produced for the benefit of the media, then by virtue of getting invited, bloggers have become newsworthy.’
    • ‘Boorstin's pseudo-events are events created for dramatic effect, to generate attention and revenue.’
    • ‘With the rise of the primary election system, party conventions are now fully pseudo-events, with merely the vestiges of their proud democratic past.’