Definition of pseud in US English:



  • An intellectually pretentious or affected person.

    ‘at the height of the band's career, he was thought to be the biggest pseud in rock’
    • ‘What began life as a joke at the expense of a junior TV researcher was to become one of the largest media deceptions in modern times, along the way pricking the pomposity of the many intellectual pseuds who descend on Edinburgh every August.’
    • ‘It's an effect called ‘frame dragging,’ which you can now officially use to trump the pseuds at the next cocktail party.’
    • ‘I mean, you just know he watched all the New York pseuds sitting down for a performance of his entirely-silent composition 4'33 ‘, and had serious trouble keeping from giggling.’’
    • ‘The guest list has so far been commendably free of the academics, hack-ademics, cranks and pseuds who once appeared to comprise the resident Montrose intelligentsia.’
    • ‘Apart from the fact that the whole enterprise deserves pride of place in pseuds ' corner, do these people really believe that we take them as seriously as they take themselves?’
    pretentious person, poser, poseur, show-off, sham, fraud
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  • Intellectually pretentious or affected.

    ‘to seek inspiration in literature or folklore is to risk being pilloried as pseud’


1950s: abbreviation of pseudo.