Definition of Przewalski's horse in US English:

Przewalski's horse


  • A stocky wild Mongolian horse with a dun-colored coat and a dark brown erect mane, now extinct in the wild. It is the only true wild horse, and is the ancestor of the domestic horse.

    Equus ferus, family Equidae

    • ‘The one true wild horse Przewalski's horse is considered extinct in the wild by some, and at best is alive only through captive breeding programs.’
    • ‘Plants and trees have sprung back to life, and rare species, such as lynx, Przewalski's horses, and eagle owls, are thriving where most humans fear to tread.’
    • ‘I had arrived to assist Mongolian and Dutch conservation groups with the reintroduction of endangered Przewalski's horses (Equus ferus przewalskii) to their native land.’
    • ‘The present-day population of Przewalski's horse occasionally produces an individual with an unusual coat color, probably because the species has hybridized with the domestic horse at least once in its history.’


Late 19th century: named after Nikolai M. Przhevalʹsky (1839–88), Russian explorer.


Przewalski's horse

/ˌpərZHəˌvälskēz ˈhôrs/