Definition of pry bar in US English:

pry bar


North American
  • A small, flattish iron bar used in the same way as a crowbar.

    • ‘Using a hammer and chisel and a pry bar, remove the damaged board, again taking care not to mar any adjacent boards.’
    • ‘Starting at one of the sides, insert a pry bar and slightly lift the surrounding floor.’
    • ‘A screwdriver is designed for turning screws, but it can also function as a small pry bar at times.’
    • ‘Use a pry bar, hammer, and a wedge to remove the shoe molding, being sure not to mar the baseboard as you go.’
    • ‘A smoker is essential to calm bees while you work around them, and you'll also need a hive tool - essentially a pry bar - to separate boxes that bees glue together.’


pry bar

/ˈprī ˌbär/