Definition of Prussian blue in US English:

Prussian blue


  • 1A deep blue pigment used in painting and dyeing, made from or in imitation of ferric ferrocyanide.

    • ‘Blue pigments include Prussian blue (ferric ferrocyanide) and phthalocyanine blue. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are added to coating materials to produce a white color.’
    • ‘They are small in scale and feature extensive use of gold and brilliant, rich and sparkling colors like ultramarine, Prussian blue, indigo, violet, purple, carmine and tangerine.’
    • ‘The pigmented tumor demonstrated widely scattered, coarse pigment that was nonreactive with Prussian blue and reactive with Fontana.’
    • ‘Although it looks like a base coat from a distance, the rich Prussian blue diluted with white lead was then applied around the sharp-edged figures to finish the veneers of paint and complete the composition.’
    • ‘The chemical bonds in Prussian blue produce a unique spectrum with FTIR analysis that can be easily distinguished from all other pigments.’
    1. 1.1 The deep blue color of Prussian blue pigment.
      • ‘His brown hair was tousled and fell into his deep Prussian blue eyes that absorbed everything.’
      • ‘In another plaque, Prussian blue pigment, meant to replicate copper corrosion, obscures much of the surface.’
      • ‘The Germans replaced Prussian blue with field grey (grey-green) and the Russians replaced dark green with a greyish brown.’
      • ‘The models were built with consummate skill, and created a fabulous confection of boxwood, brass, bone, ebony, gold leaf and painted details in the typical naval colours of Prussian blue and Venetian red.’
      • ‘Nikolai's walls were painted a deep blue - Prussian blue, like midnight skies.’


Prussian blue

/ˌprəSH(ə)n ˈblo͞o//ˌprəʃ(ə)n ˈblu/