Definition of prunus in US English:



  • A tree or shrub of a large genus that includes many varieties grown for their spring blossom (cherry and almond) or for their fruit (plum, peach, and apricot).

    Genus Prunus, family Rosaceae

    • ‘In the autumn, these insects migrate to members of the prunus family, such as plum and blackthorn, so attacks can be prevented by not planting these or related trees and shrubs near the pond.’
    • ‘Commonly called plum, Prunus mume - the floral symbol of winter - is actually the flowering apricot.’
    • ‘So, instead, we drove to Taunton, through the bright sunshine, along hedged roads running between folded hills, with black-thorn bearing bright white star-flowers, and wild cherry and prunus in full bloom against an endless blue sky.’
    • ‘Others are valued for their beauty, especially the group of prunus yedoensis forming a walkway known as the Cherry Walk.’
    • ‘The tree kangaroos have made themselves at home, already totally comfortable with the new climbing structure and munching on prunus and elm foliage provided for them to eat.’


Modern Latin, from Latin, literally ‘plum tree’.