Definition of prudishness in US English:



  • See prudish

    • ‘Kits were designed to cover every inch of visible flesh but they survived long after such heavily mannered prudishness had deceased.’
    • ‘The virginal Mina (Cindy Marie Small) is no shrinking violent and is understandably exasperated by the Victorian prudishness of fiancé Jonathan Harker.’
    • ‘This prudishness is no doubt a result of my mother's insistence on trotting me out of the house with my vest tucked into my pants on a daily basis until I was about 12 years old.’
    • ‘The question for Lovelace, in Clarissa, is whether female virtue is more than prudishness: ‘whether her frost be frost indeed’.’
    • ‘The prudishness was still present in some of the Victorian bathing costumes, but the mood was light-hearted in the mineral pools and blasting wall.’