Definition of proximity in English:



  • Nearness in space, time, or relationship.

    ‘do not operate microphones in close proximity to television sets’
    • ‘If the past tense conveys distance from the speech event, the present tense conveys proximity.’
    • ‘The nature of Oxford's collegiate system requires us to live together in very close proximity.’
    • ‘Miss Bridges dismissed speculation that the close proximity of the rides had helped the fire to spread.’
    • ‘The close proximity to a large customer base is ideal for the development of direct sales.’
    • ‘However, the close proximity of the two teams has already raised fears of espionage and loose talk.’
    • ‘Residents believe the site is already too noisy because of its close proximity to the Avenue La Fleche.’
    • ‘That picture was so obviously taken from a nearby few feet, judging from the close proximity of the close up.’
    • ‘Mumps is highly infectious and spreads rapidly in susceptible people living in close proximity.’
    • ‘The proximity of refugees, young offenders or the homeless might be perceived as a threat to children.’
    • ‘Queuing is hampered by the close proximity of the check-in desk to the shelves nearby.’
    • ‘With Sheen Mount Primary School in close proximity, safety is also high on the agenda.’
    • ‘Even the close proximity of the other players over a long period didn't seem to create any camaraderie in him.’
    • ‘How can you put a shop like this in an area with so many schools in close proximity, and a park across the road?’
    • ‘Outside my home children play football and rounders within very close proximity to the houses and cars.’
    • ‘The close proximity of the road to our houses will also affect the foundations, he said.’
    • ‘They highlighted traffic, poor accessibility and proximity to power lines as concerns.’
    • ‘Power is thus increasingly based on accessibility to information not proximity.’
    • ‘Estate agents are increasingly using railway station proximity in house sale literature.’
    • ‘The main thing recommending the commuter village of Uplawmoor is its proximity to Glasgow.’
    • ‘The other problems we faced were that the houses are made out of wood and they are in close proximity to each other.’
    closeness, nearness, presence, juxtaposition, propinquity, adjacency
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Late 15th century: from French proximité, from Latin proximitas, from proximus ‘nearest’.