Definition of prowler in English:



  • A person who moves stealthily around or loiters near a place with a view to committing a crime, especially burglary.

    • ‘You would have to be sure in addition that some unknown third party - a chance intruder, a prowler, another acquaintance - did not commit the murders.’
    • ‘Police have warned homeowners to keep their eyes open for backyard prowlers following a recent spate of thefts outside homes in Bundaberg.’
    • ‘It is most common for prowlers to enter through unsecured windows.’
    • ‘I regularly go out on my land at night and if I saw prowlers and they were waving what I thought was a gun at me, I would not take any risks.’
    • ‘The Ringmaster System will enable schools to rapidly receive information from police or Neighbourhood Watch on everything from vandalism to prowlers.’
    • ‘We'd take turns staying up and listening for prowlers or break-ins.’
    • ‘That night they passed through the village completely unnoticed via the roofs of the houses like prowlers under the pale moonlight.’
    • ‘He hated driving prowlers, often complaining that they made traffic around him drive at exactly the speed limit.’
    • ‘I'm now checking for prowlers two or three times a night.’
    • ‘Shith stubbed out his cigarette with the toe of his boot, glancing around the perimeter of the house for any prowlers or signs of danger.’
    • ‘The two were apparently in bed when the prowler rousted the couple and took some cash, credit cards and then drove away with Holloway's Mercedes - Benz.’
    • ‘The prowler has tried to get through windows and doors of retirement homes in Woodcock Park and Whitfield Close in Warminster.’
    • ‘Better uniformity of light improves home security by getting rid of dark shadows where prowlers could lurk.’
    • ‘The prowler was spotted at an upstairs window by a neighbour who immediately alerted the police, presumably to give them advance warning that he was going to ‘have a go’ himself.’
    • ‘Has anyone begun to question the prowler they found near the Princes' Sanctuary as yet?’
    • ‘He said: ‘At the home of Richard Clarke, in Moorland Avenue, his partner and her sons were disturbed by a prowler at about 2am.’’
    • ‘Her husband heard of the incident and rushed home, arriving about 12: 30 A.M., upon which he said he saw a prowler at the bedroom window.’
    • ‘He slowly got up, checking both ends of the wide street for Guards or other late-night prowlers, then softly jogged to the next intersection.’
    • ‘What is more frightening is that prowlers can have the audacity to attack a home around 10: 00 hours and walk away untouched.’
    • ‘He assumed it belonged to a caretaker or some such person from the nursing home, who'd been patrolling the gardens for prowlers, had seen him sitting there and decided to investigate.’
    trespasser, interloper, invader, infiltrator, encroacher, violator
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