Definition of provisory in US English:



  • 1Subject to a proviso; conditional.

    • ‘The provisory decree (medida provisoria) creating the public broadcasting system must be approved by Congress before becoming law.’
    • ‘The Company also was loaned $409000 from IIBI in the form of a provisory note to cover the Company's short-term cash flow needs.’
    contingent, dependent, qualified, with conditions, with conditions attached, with reservations, limited, restrictive, provisional
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  • 2

    another term for provisional (sense 1 of the adjective)
    • ‘Tents and wooden structures, an entire provisory village, surrounded the outskirts of the open height of the central site.’
    • ‘The cold and warm vessel are leak tested using provisory covers.’
    • ‘Due to the fact that the reorganisation of dioceses in the East had been considered since 1945 as a provisory structure, the Catholic Church envisaged from 1990 a new diocesan map, which would not concern itself exclusively with the East.’
    provisional, unconfirmed, unsettled, indefinite, pencilled in, preliminary, to be confirmed, tbc, subject to confirmation
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Early 17th century: from French provisoire or medieval Latin provisorius, from provis- ‘foreseen, attended to’, from the verb providere (see provide).