Definition of provisionally in US English:



  • Subject to further confirmation; for the time being.

    ‘the institute has provisionally approved the study’
    • ‘At the time of going to press the game has been provisionally fixed for Sunday evening next in Sarsfields at 6 pm.’
    • ‘We have provisionally arranged to go for a drink.’
    • ‘And the date of August 30 has been provisionally marked for that event, pending approval.’
    • ‘The licence was provisionally granted on the condition that fire precautions were met and added washbasins installed.’
    • ‘George Drever, of Kirkwall, was provisionally granted an entertainment licence for the proposed ten-pin bowling centre.’
    subject to confirmation, in an acting capacity, as a fill-in, short-term, pro tem, temporarily, for the interim, for the present, for the time being, for now, for the nonce
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