Definition of provirus in US English:



  • The genetic material of a virus as incorporated into, and able to replicate with, the genome of a host cell.

    • ‘Once integrated with the host's genetic material, the DNA version of the retroviral RNA is called a provirus.’
    • ‘Recombination requires the simultaneous infection of a cell with two different proviruses, allowing the encapsulation of one RNA transcript from each provirus into a heterozygous virion.’
    • ‘Both retrovirus-like organization and expression are typical of the functional gypsy proviruses that have inserted recently into the euchromatic DNA of some strains.’
    • ‘HERV-W proviruses probably entered the genome of primates before the split between Old World and New World monkeys.’
    • ‘The FeLV-induced tumors are thought to be caused, at least in part, by somatically acquired insertional mutagenesis in which the integrated provirus may activate a proto-oncogene or disrupt a tumor suppressor gene.’