Definition of proventriculus in English:



  • 1The narrow glandular first region of a bird's stomach between the crop and the gizzard.

    • ‘Two breeding female Steller's eiders found dead had midge larvae all more than 20 mm long in their proventriculi, plus a few cranefly larvae and some vegetation.’
    • ‘Parents sustain themselves during incubation on energy stored as body fat and lipid-rich stomach oil in the proventriculus.’
    • ‘Extant archosaurs, crocodilians and birds, employ a two-part stomach with a thin-walled, enzyme-producing anterior, the proventriculus, followed by a thick-walled muscular gizzard.’
    • ‘Ingesta from the proventriculus and gizzard were preserved in 75% alcohol and examined under a dissecting scope.’
    • ‘The proventriculus and gizzard are small, and the lower esophagus is sacculated, which delays passage of particles into the lower gut where additional fermentation occurs in the paired ceca.’
    1. 1.1 The thick-walled muscular expansion of the esophagus above the stomach of crustaceans and insects.
      • ‘Four tunnels off the lumen of the proventriculus of the carpenter bee, Xylocopa virginica virginica, have been discovered.’
      • ‘The proventriculus of the worker honeybee is an organ which effects a highly efficient separation of pollen grains from the medium in which they are suspended.’
      • ‘Enhanced levels of expression are seen in older embryos adjacent to the segmental involutions (C, arrowheads) and in the salivary glands, proventriculus, and somatic musculature.’


Mid 19th century: from pro- ‘before’ + Latin ventriculus ‘small belly’, diminutive of venter, ventr- ‘belly’.