Definition of protracted in US English:



  • Lasting for a long time or longer than expected or usual.

    ‘a protracted and bitter dispute’
    • ‘The relative decline in guerrilla and terror activity has been achieved by curfews and closures, by imprisoning more than two million people in their homes without work or food for protracted periods of time.’
    • ‘Clearly this approach was not sustainable over a protracted period of time and inevitably British soldiers had to adopt a more vigorous stance.’
    • ‘No, I wouldn't bet on anything at this point other than this will be a prolonged, protracted and vigorous fight.’
    • ‘Sometimes being physically ill or unwell over a protracted period until you're moving over or at least skirting closely along the line into invalidity can bring on a state of melancholy.’
    • ‘There follows a protracted period of silence, punctuated with the odd sigh but mostly consisting of concentrated chewing.’
    • ‘The claimant, who had been involved in bitter and protracted partnership disputes relating to the firm of solicitors of which he had formally been a partner, sued the defendant barrister for alleged negligence.’
    • ‘They're expecting a protracted legal battle there.’
    • ‘We can expect a protracted tug of war, which may drag on until the review deadline draws near.’
    • ‘Federal Court decisions in two cases stemming from the protracted lockout are expected next week.’
    • ‘It can ill-afford to remain simultaneously engaged on two fronts over a protracted period.’
    • ‘I did have some level of anxiety at going underwater for protracted periods.’
    • ‘Younger readers will not remember, but that particular industrial dispute was both protracted and bitter; it involved running battles between scores of miners on the one hand and scores of police on the other.’
    • ‘Those secretaries, servants, and ministers who were able to flatter, amuse and treat her as a woman as well as a monarch were the most successful with her during this period of protracted grief.’
    • ‘Being locked up for protracted periods with only your own thoughts for company can become torturous.’
    • ‘Similarly, Guinness was unhappy with the protracted walk that Lean expected him to make across the parade ground after his release from the hot box.’
    • ‘All you have to do is to prove you have suffered ‘unacceptable pain’ over a protracted period and that there is no realistic prospect of your condition improving.’
    • ‘He particularly wanted to thank all who canvassed over a protracted period.’
    • ‘Any interruption in this intermediation process will bring this protracted period of rampant money supply expansion to a conclusion, with enormous consequences.’
    • ‘The ruling said Ireland had failed ‘over a protracted period of time’ to establish an adequate and fully operational licensing system for waste disposal.’
    • ‘‘Earnings are likely to be damaged should prices stay at this level for a protracted period,’ he added.’
    long, very long, of considerable length, long-lasting, prolonged, extended, extensive
    prolonged, extended, stretched out, drawn out, long-drawn-out, lengthened, lengthy, long, overlong, dragged out, spun out, strung out, sustained, marathon
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