Definition of prototypical in US English:



  • Denoting the first, original, or typical form of something.

    ‘the prototypical vehicle’
    ‘the phone emerged as the prototypical example of point-to-point communication’
    • ‘This prototypical scheme in south London combines high density with ecological awareness in an attempt to suggest new models for suburban development.’
    • ‘He fits the description of a prototypical action hero.’
    • ‘The prototypical typewriter of its day, The Underwood was made by John Underwood.’
    • ‘That particular war seems prototypical of international events that subsequently disappear from public memory.’
    • ‘A team of volunteer architects and engineers helped a community develop a prototypical building system, inspiring collaboration, innovation and hope.’
    • ‘The Monitor was just one of three prototypical iron warships launched in mid 1862.’
    • ‘Here we have a prototypical example of a probably preventable disaster permitted to happen by an unwillingness to spend the necessary money to prevent it.’
    • ‘Clients often ask for changes to prototypical elements late in the design process and request that those changes be implemented in all projects currently underway.’
    • ‘With two doctors, some nurses and support staff, this is your prototypical small business.’
    • ‘He is a London bank employee with the prototypical nine-to-five lifestyle.’
    • ‘This is the prototypical example of a case ripe for Supreme Court review.’
    • ‘Omega Dock was a place with a long history of constructing new, prototypical vessels.’